Thursday, December 13, 2018

Virtual Organizing

Video Calls Can Virtually Help You

Out of the box thinking has led to organizing help through video calling.  By viewing the different areas in your room, an experienced Organizer will provide you with fresh ideas on how to make better use of your space. A written step-by-step customized guideline can be mailed to you. A list of places to buy organizing tools can be included for your use. 

Teaching organizing over the video call or phone, will introduce you to mindfulness, time management and unique organizing tips to help better organize your life and home. 

If you feel out of control and feel you can’t meet your daily schedule, virtual organizing is an approachable, user-friendly means to help you reach your goals.  

This process is good for all, but if you should have ADD, ADHD or Executive Dysfunction, you will greatly benefit from Virtual Organizing.

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