Sunday, September 14, 2014

Debbie's Uncluttered Domain - Episode 1

Debbie Ginsberg is now hosting her own TV show on LongIslandNY.TVCheck out these videos and learn some great tricks and tips to organizing your life and your home.

Episode 1
On this episode Host Debbie Ginsberg explains how her own life experience led her to begin helping seniors cope with moving, downsizing and clutter.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Case Study #2 – Uncluttering in Manhasset,
On Long Island's North Shore

A realtor from Laffey Fine Homes referred Uncluttered Domain to a client in Manhasset, on the North Shore of Long Island. The home was to be put on the market, but the home wasn’t ready to be shown due to extensive clutter throughout the house. It was apparent that the wife was once organized, but for medical reasons, fell behind in maintaining the order in her home. She simply needed assistance with motivation, making important decisions as to what to keep or donate, and help cleaning out the extras – in short, uncluttering and organizing.

Uncluttered Domain can be hired to provide organizing and uncluttering (sometimes called decluttering) services from start to finish, or to compliment previous or ongoing work that the owner may be doing for themselves. In this case, the homeowners were actively involved and our staff worked side by side with them.

I chose a caring member of our staff who work well with our 55+ clients, and blends kindness with a no-nonsense attitude, so that the work gets done on a timely basis. The homeowners bought our 20-hour value package, which includes 20 man hours of work and the materials needed to donate, distribute or discard the belongings. At any time the homeowner can choose to add hours if that seems warranted.

My staff person has one session left to complete the uncluttering and organizing process. She will provide light home staging, another service of Uncluttered Domain, which helps prepare the home for marketing. This Manhasset, Long Island client called to highly compliment me on my staff and said, “I was so overwhelmed and don’t know how I would have done this without your staff.”  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Case Study 1: Uncluttering in Port Washington, Long Island

Image courtesy of Shelf Genie

The senior concierge and uncluttering (some call it decluttering or organizing) services of Uncluttered Domain was requested by a social worker on the North Shore of Long Island.
The social worker’s potential client, Susan, was a woman in her 80s who lived in Port Washington.  Susan’s home was in such disrepair that it failed the state regulation, therefore the social worker couldn’t permit a member of her team to enter the home to provide Susan with the essential home care that she needed. 
My first meeting with Susan included a health and safety assessment of her home. Susan was in her housecoat and a winter coat when I met her.  It was immediately apparent that there were a multitude of problems in the home.  Susan explained that she was discharged from the hospital and her only relative lived far away.   
The home had been terribly neglected; it was not only cluttered and disorganized, it was unsanitary. There were signs of rodents and termites. Extension cords were attached to other extension cords going from one room to the next – very dangerous.  The structure of the home was unstable due to the termite damage.  Black mold was discovered all over the basement, first floor and second floor. The boiler was broken and the chimney needed to be rebuilt.
Papers cluttered every surface; documents, mail, junk mail, magazines and more, all piled on top of one another throughout the rooms on the first floor.  Susan’s home desperately needed to be downsized, uncluttered and organized.  While the Uncluttered Domain staff took charge of the document and mail management, Susan and I were busy vetting vendors for the additional work and repairs that were to be done in her home.  
The home was restored to its original state – safe and healthy – within two months.  Instead of aging-in-place, as Susan had originally planned, she sold her newly uncluttered home and chose a residence that met her satisfaction.

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