Thursday, December 13, 2018

Mindfulness - Time Management - Organizing

Using Mindfulness to Help Organize Your Life and Home

A simple day is filled with multiple tasks that need to be completed.  Often this overwhelms us, especially if we look at the whole day as opposed to breaking the day down into small manageable chunks of time.  By practicing mindfulness daily, and sometimes several times a day, we create a sense of calm within us.  By learning to control the speed of our brain, we become the ‘master of our ship’ and retain better control. When creating a daily schedule, one that is not so overwhelming, we can achieve our daily goals in a more relaxed manner.  Remember to include 10-15 minutes of your day devoted to organizing one small area of your home. Be prepared to organize your space by carrying a bag to use when removing items found in the wrong spot of your home to bring it to its’ rightful place.  When we create a daily routine we sharpen our memory and increase our focus. Enjoy the new you, the calm you and achieve more!

Keep calm and get organized

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Learn to Pause

Pause to Be Calm
By: Debbie Ginsberg

For many people, a day is set by time. Your morning train leaves at 6:30am…so you rush through your morning routine. You have to pick up the kids from school…so you rush your day to be on time for pickup. Your big meeting is in 30 minutes…and you’re not ready. Our anxiety levels can be increased by the pressures of time.

It is too easy to get caught up in the rush and we often feel fatigued or overwhelmed by the anxiety associated with schedules. 

As Simon and Garfunkel sang, “Slow down you move to fast”… 

A good way to reduce the pressure and slowdown is by pausing.  A simple pause with one deep breath (8 slow breaths through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth) can help calm you down. 

Practicing pausing (slow breathing) on a daily basis prepares your body to relax on command.
Enjoy the Calm!

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Time Management

Prioritizing Time For You

The illustration above shows how little time you devote to yourself. As the foundation in the balance of life, you maintain the smallest part of the pyramid. What can you do  to achieve more balance in your life?

Before going to bed each night, create a To Do list. Include time for yourself, once or twice during the day.  Whether it’s exercising, reading, meditating or sitting in a comfortable chair for ten minutes, let it be ‘your’ time.

When you allow yourself to refresh, you will increase your energy and meet life’s challenges with a better attitude.

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Virtual Organizing

Video Calls Can Virtually Help You

Out of the box thinking has led to organizing help through video calling.  By viewing the different areas in your room, an experienced Organizer will provide you with fresh ideas on how to make better use of your space. A written step-by-step customized guideline can be mailed to you. A list of places to buy organizing tools can be included for your use. 

Teaching organizing over the video call or phone, will introduce you to mindfulness, time management and unique organizing tips to help better organize your life and home. 

If you feel out of control and feel you can’t meet your daily schedule, virtual organizing is an approachable, user-friendly means to help you reach your goals.  

This process is good for all, but if you should have ADD, ADHD or Executive Dysfunction, you will greatly benefit from Virtual Organizing.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017


By: Debbie Ginsberg

Do you remember how you felt when you were 29 and turning 30 knowing you were leaving your free-spirited 20’s behind? When you reached the other side of 30 you had little choice other than to adjust and move on. Possibly you came to the conclusion that aging wasn't so bad after all. 

Aging-In-Place is a relatively new term reserved for the senior set when they choose to continue to live at home for as long as possible.  Statistically 90% of seniors between 60 - 69 say they would prefer to age at home and reveal a positive attitude towards achieving his goal. Yes, they are aging, just like you did when you turned 30 and they too are coming to the realization that getting older isn't so bad after all.

Living a fuller life, one can choose to continue to work or physically continue to enjoy what life has to offer. There is a local Doctor who speaks of his 26 patients who are over the age of 100. Two of these people are still actively working and many of the others claim to be enjoying their lives. These reports boost the confidence about aging well.  Research is beginning to show that the fear of growing old is often more debilitating than the actual act of living.  Fear of aging has been fueled by a society that associates aging with a negative connotation. The baby boomers are changing that negativity to a positive way of thinking and are forging a path that will benefit all of us for generations to come. Living their adult lives in relative peace and prosperity, baby boomers today are not ready to give up what they are accustomed to and therefore, are choosing to remodel their homes to accommodate their anticipated needs as they age. Realtors are saying that homes that are being modified for his purpose are worth more on the market than those not remodeled. Our visionary baby boomers are changing the future for senior living for the better. 

It is becoming more the norm for seniors to be engaged in healthy outlets and yet this is not how seniors are portrayed in the news. Words like ‘a drain to the economy’, ‘dementia’ and many other negative phrases tend to focus on rising costs associated with senior living. Often we see articles focused on dementia, but the media is not providing balanced reporting by not revealing that the percentage of seniors will never get dementia. It’s easier to sell sensational news then tell the full story. If our media would focus more on the positive, perhaps we would see a decrease in the number of seniors who have debilitating fears of aging. 

Unfortunately, the US is years behind in their planning for the growing senior population. However, many private enterprises are developing creative solutions for senior safety and functionality. New industries are creating services to help a senior reach their goal of living at home. For the last 15 years these organizations have made great strides in growing their list of supportive services.  Two industries in particular are making the news as new entrepreneurs open senior service businesses and vendors are focusing on products to help seniors live well.

NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers) are helping baby boomers and older seniors to downsize, organize their homes, manage documents, mail, checkbooks, prepare for a move and much more. Customization of these services are created to fit the specific needs of the individual client. Members of these organizations are being educated to continue help even while a client begins to experience slight cognitive impairment. These services are often implemented before companions are hired. The ‘AT HOME’ specialist will coordinate the hiring of companions, social workers, patient medical navigators,ec. and become the eyes and ears for the family. Alleviating the stress felt by both the Adult Child and the senior, NASMM developed ‘AT HOME’ services. Downsizing, creating safe homes, installing senior friendly furniture, introducing and installing state-of-the-art-products benefits seniors and brings peace of mind to the whole family. These specialists become the trusted liaison between seniors and families.  These services are bridging the gap of the busy or long distance Adult Child and their senior parent. 

Embracing this new support, seniors can and will live more positive and healthy lives and won’t feel so alone and isolated.  Reducing the day to day tasks,  a senior will have a better chance to get outside their home and live fully. 

Debbie Ginsberg is the Owner of Uncluttered Domain Inc. Professional Organizers, Senior Move Manager and At Home Specialist. Debbie has been featured in Newsday and the New York Times. If you have any questions feel free to email 855-226-7426