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What do Bruce Willis, Anthony Hopkins, and Debbie Ginsberg all have in common?

 https://www.facebook.com/UnclutteredDomainWhat do Bruce Willis, Anthony Hopkins, and Debbie Ginsberg all have in common?

 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/moneyforlunchThey were all featured on the radio talk show Money for Lunch!

On Wednesday, November 27th , Debbie Ginsberg co-founder and owner of Uncluttered Domain Inc, was interviewed by talk show host Bert Martinez. 

The radio schmooze discussed Uncluttered Domain’s senior concierge services and how there is a growing need for seniors to be kept organized in their daily affairs. Debbie shared her personal story about how the company got its start working with seniors and why she loves what she does.

Click here to listen to the radio show and stayed tuned to our blog to read about our upcoming events, promotions, and latest tips on staying uncluttered!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Container Store Top 10 Picks

   With the Holiday season under way, you can’t help but be caught up in the holiday spirit. From the cooking, the planning, and the gift shopping, you certainly have your hands full. And with all these Holiday parties and Holiday to-do-lists, who has time to worry about keeping the house organized?

   This Holiday season make sure you take the time to give yourself the gift of organization! This may not sound as luxurious as Belgium chocolates or a day at the spa, but when your home is organized your daily activities run smoother and your home will operate stress-free; and what’s a better gift than that?!

   And as you know, the Uncluttered Domain Team is always available to help you get organized when you need us but in the mean time we decided to share with you our top organizing picks from the Container Store to help get you started.

<><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><>

Canvas Necklace & Bracelet Organizer 

The perfect solution to organizing your jewelry without taking up any surface space and without cluttering drawers.

<><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><>

Platinum Elfa freestanding Mudroom

Pricey but well worth every penny. This pick solves the constant problem of clutter all families face from coats, backpacks, and shoes.

<><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><>

Uribo Magnetic Modular System

Easy and efficient, these magnetic pockets are so helpful for storing small objects. Perfect for pacifiers or pens by the fridge, this pick is a most have.

<><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><>

Power Lock Bath Accessories

Finally your razor and bar of soap have a place in the shower. No more bars of soap falling off the ledge!

<><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><>

LEGO Tabletop Drawers

Tired of tripping over LEGOS? The perfect solution that even your kids will love.

<><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><>

Scotch Wave Restickable Display

Hang your kids’ art work without worrying about messing up the walls. This little gadget allows you to cherish life’s moments without clutter.

<><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><>

Modular Flip-Out Bins

Out Bins- Multi-purpose and so convenient, these tiny bins are easy access and are perfect for holding all those tiny objects you don’t know what to do with. Think buttons, screws, and everything in between.

<><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><>

Everything Organizer

The name says it all. With 23 compartments plus labeling decals, this item will save you from many headaches.

<><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><>

Grey Wrap & Tote Organizer

This organizer allows you to store things out of sight and out of mind. Perfect for gift wrapping supplies or even for storing holiday decorations.

<><><><><><><><><> 10 <><><><><><><><><>

Gravity-Feed Can Rack 

Can’t find that can of tomatoes? We’ve all been there. With this can rack you’ll never have that problem again and you’ll be sure to save your pantry some much needed space.


So there you have it. Our top ten for our organizing admirers out there. 

Find these organizing items fun but not for you? Let Uncluttered Domain take you shopping for organizing items that are tailored made for all your organizing needs. 

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