Thursday, December 13, 2018

Mindfulness - Time Management - Organizing

Using Mindfulness to Help Organize Your Life and Home

A simple day is filled with multiple tasks that need to be completed.  Often this overwhelms us, especially if we look at the whole day as opposed to breaking the day down into small manageable chunks of time.  By practicing mindfulness daily, and sometimes several times a day, we create a sense of calm within us.  By learning to control the speed of our brain, we become the ‘master of our ship’ and retain better control. When creating a daily schedule, one that is not so overwhelming, we can achieve our daily goals in a more relaxed manner.  Remember to include 10-15 minutes of your day devoted to organizing one small area of your home. Be prepared to organize your space by carrying a bag to use when removing items found in the wrong spot of your home to bring it to its’ rightful place.  When we create a daily routine we sharpen our memory and increase our focus. Enjoy the new you, the calm you and achieve more!

Keep calm and get organized

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